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MYQ Technology is available on these Merlin Openers

Commander Range

SilentDrive Range


Why Invest in Merlin MYQ technology?


Open and close your garage door away from home through the Merlin MYQ app.


Peace of mind knowing if your garage door is open or closed anywhere and any time.


Receive real time alerts and notifications so you know when the garage door is opened or closed by loved ones.

No need to worry, thanks to Merlin MyQ technology you can m
onitor & control your roller or sectional / panel lift garage door opener away from home.


Pre-set times to automatically close your garage door at any time


See history records of your garage door open and close periods.


Protect your loved ones and belongings with The Protector System™ (Safety IR Beams).


Free Merlin myQ app for smart devices including Apple Watch.